Tuesday, 6 August 2013

In search of the Holy Grail; Preston City Wrestling

For this entry we move to Preston. Home of Preston City Wrestling, and home of some of the biggest cards in this country as far as star drawing power is concerned. Their presentation is also exceptional, a smooth clear easy to navigate website. It values good quality promotional material, works smoothly (often a big problem on java heavy sites and my tired old PC), in short they care about the fans enough to put effort into the things the fans may want to buy and the gateway to that is their website. My girlfriend who is not a wrestling fan but is a designer, saw this site and exclaimed how good it was from across the room. The product it is selling is firmly in the hands of a traditional mainstream promotion. The upcoming events section promotes a series of cards with the American and Mexican stars that are the obvious casual fan grabber like Tommy Dreamer, current Chikara Campeonatos de Parejas The Young Bucks, Super Crazy, John Morrisonand of course Colt Cabana. The fact is that for these guys to come to a promotion in a land far, far away, you have to be pretty good. they have cross promotional ties with Pro Wrestling Eve and through that a working agreement with Ice Ribbon for their super weekender show at the beginning of February. 

What has been getting them noticed recently aside from their high quality show content, excellent presentation and stacked UK talent roster, is their DVD packaging. Wrestle Talk TV love these guys and show clips as an example of what British wrestling can achieve. 

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